ōcha hyō

The inspiration behind this tea table was an interest in traditional Japanese craftsmanship, philosophy and aesthetics. Both Japan and Scandinavia share many design similarities and values which include an emphasis on details, simplicity, a preference for crude beauty and human craft. ōcha hyō tea table was designed and created in 2016. ōcha hyō is a simple tea table that can easily be flat-packed consisting of wooden elements that connect without the use for glue or tools. The construction is brutalistic and made using a variety of Japanese joinery techniques. The name ōcha hyō refers to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony where people gather around a ‘ōcha hyō’, a tea table, to find inner peace and serenity.

ōcha hyō is crafted and produced from materials that reflect both Japanese and Scandinavian design tradition.

Material: Oak wood
Dimensions: h400mm l600mm b450mm
Designer: Julie Begtrup

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